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Baroness Shields appointed as the PM's Special Representative on Internet Crime and Harms and becomes solely a Home Office minister

Secretary of State Karen Bradley thanks Baroness Shields for her work and commitment to DCMS.

Baroness Shields will become a full time Home Office minister and the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Internet Crime and Harms after 18 months at DCMS and a year as a joint Minister for Internet Safety and Security.

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“Are you going to run in that?”

I'm used to being under pressure to win. My formula is to always come prepared. But I wasn't this time.

“Are you going to run in that?”

I was single mom living in London, running international operations for a fast-growing US high-tech company. I had a board presentation on the West Coast and had managed to catch the last transatlantic flight back home to the UK. It was a big day for my five-year-old son. His school was holding its annual sports day and he was really looking forward to having me there.

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Baroness Shields opens the 2016 International Crime and Policing Conference

Minister for Internet Safety and Security, Baroness Joanna Shields, opened day 1 of the second International Crime and Policing Conference.

The conference sees leading experts from a range of backgrounds - law enforcement, academia, the voluntary sector, industry and government - brought together for 2 days to provide expert opinion and perspective on modern crime prevention.

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Tech industry fights online child sexual exploitation

World-leading technology companies pledge to eliminate online child sexual exploitation

The world’s biggest search engine, social media and software firms have today (Tuesday 17 November) pledged to continue fighting the abuse of the internet for online child sexual exploitation by developing new technology, tools and expertise.

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WePROTECT summit tackles online child sexual exploitation on global scale

All UK police forces are now signed up to a revolutionary single secure database of indecent images of children.

The Child Abuse Image Database (CAID), launched by the Prime Minister and Home Secretary last December during the WePROTECT Children Online Summit in London, is transforming the way police forces and the National Crime Agency (NCA) tackle online child sexual exploitation (CSE).

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For the Love of Learning

When my son was growing up, one of our favourite pastimes was to talk about Time Travel. What if you could observe Turner painting The Fighting Temeraire, listen to Socrates deliver his ‘Apology’ or watch George Best play at the 1966 European Cup quarter-finals?

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If You're Building the Next Big Thing in Tech, Britain's the Place to Internationalize It

Bragging may not come naturally to the British, but as someone who has spent the past 25 years operating on both sides of the Atlantic, I have no hesitation in saying that the UK is now the best place in the world to build a global business.

This week I will be meeting with some of the fastest growing technology companies in the US and their advisors on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, whilst I am here in New York to launch HQ-UK – a new initiative, which demonstrates why we think the UK has the world’s most competitive package for the world’s fastest growing businesses. All of the businesses we are meeting are thinking about how to grow their operations internationally. It may surprise some just how strongly I’m going to maintain that there really is no option to compare to the UK. And I want to make it as easy as possible for companies to choose the UK. More on this later.

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The digital world is incredible – but it’s human bonds that make us who we are

There are so many opportunities online today, is it any wonder that we see people retreating there? With so much social currency given to “likes” and “followers” and the pressure to appear relevant and popular is it any wonder that many young people risk falling into a very solitary, mainly online existence? I’ve heard it said that you are never as happy as you seem on Instagram, never as miserable as you seem on Twitter, and never as employable as you seem on LinkedIn. We laugh but it’s true.

The transformational moments in life have always been, and will always be, about people. Years from now when we look back on our lives, we won’t remember the YouTube videos we watched or all of those posts on Twitter or Facebook. But we will remember those people who helped and guided us.

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Working across borders for our children's digital safety

Everyone agrees that stopping the rise of online child abuse and exploitation is an urgent priority. The big question is: are there more innovative ways to go about it? Coming at this problem after twenty-five years of building global tech companies, and now as an adviser to the UK Government and the Prime Minister, I believe that there is a better way. My view is shared by delegations from more than 50 countries, 26 leading technology companies and 10 non-governmental organisations which took part this week in the UK Government’s two day #WeProtect Children Online summit at Lancaster House.

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